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05.01.2009, 17:28
Compare the Meerkat (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ust9YBlEfY&feature=channel_page)

This is an advert that's currently going around here in the UK. It is an easy mistake to make. :P

Here's the actual website: Compare the Meerkat.com (http://www.comparethemeerkat.com/)

05.01.2009, 18:28
AWwwwwwwwwwww :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


really funny and adorable cuteness :D

The Sonic God
05.01.2009, 19:05
Come to think of it, there are websites out there which will intentionally trouble users for mistyping a URL.

But at least that site gives you a heads up.

05.01.2009, 19:46
lol great. I already compared a meerkat on this strange site and they found this one for me:

Balletkat is little clumsy round the house but when on stage and in tutu, there is transform into most graceful and elegant creature. Very flexible and able to leap large distances - useful when queuing. This meerkat gets kicks in sweaty proto-punk venues in gloomy backstreets of Berlin. Often found pogoing in mosh pit shouting 'Das ist gut rock!'


Saber Tooth Leopardess816
05.01.2009, 21:14
*lol* I found It Interesting, So I Dont Mind It!

Lone Lion
05.01.2009, 21:42
Heh , very nice .. I got Kendokat ..

06.01.2009, 13:53
*lol* That's an advertisment I'd love to see on television one day ;)

Thanks for sharing!

22.03.2009, 21:31
Don't know if you already found out, but there are two new vids with alexander, very funny ;-)