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10.01.2009, 00:08
Well im for it.

i would also like to see sparky be a main person because for somereason he rocks

and i would love if each episode was in the life of each experiment.

and i wouldn't mind StitchXangel stuff

10.01.2009, 13:07
Nah, I think they closed out the series really well with the Leroy and Stitch movie. I just want to see some Angel merchandise =p. I saw a figure of her once on ebay but it was from Japan or something.

10.01.2009, 13:54
To be honest, I've never watches more than 1 or 2 episodes of the tv-show and the first movie... I don't know what really bugged me.

So well... I don't really have an opinion on this topic.

10.01.2009, 16:28
in all honesty... i ent seen any of them lol

The Sonic God
21.01.2009, 05:22
To be honest, I didn't find the movie to be interesting, nor the television show for that matter. It just wasn't "Disney" enough to keep your attention.

22.01.2009, 07:47
well so did everyother spinoff movie based show disney made.

only original cartoons became famous

18.08.2009, 13:22
I think they should have stuck with the first movie, since that one was the best. lol I voted no.