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16.01.2009, 02:05
i was playing silent hill 3 and it scared me alot but then i got this ending and it just totally made it from scary to 0_O


It totally made me laugh LOL

Lone Lion
16.01.2009, 02:16
Is this a real ending or just a spoof by someone ?

Anyway this is most bizarre game ending I have ever seen ...

16.01.2009, 09:45
Well... I don't know the game, but it looks quite "original". I know that there are games with funny endings. Like Chrono Trigger for example.
So maybe it's the readl thing.

16.01.2009, 11:03
=^_^= Those silly UFO endings really belong in there -- at least the first game in the series definitely has one. The entire series is way too creepy for me though. Mew.

PS: I ... sometimes I get those german <> english hiccups, mew ... sorry Kirauni .. =^_^'=

16.01.2009, 11:05
*mew* uhmm Jammet.... this is the english-speaking section here *coughs*
I think you just didn't notice ^^

Perhaps you can translate your posting so others will understand what you wanted to say as well?

Edit: Ah thanks for the translation. :)

The Sonic God
21.01.2009, 06:21
Jammet, I enjoy your ability to speak German and translate it to English so easily. We should talk more often. ;)

The video I found confusing, and hard to listen to. The high-pitched voices were difficult to understand...

Many times I think video game designers are just finding different purposes to create something. Maybe the whole thing is a joke? Who knows...