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Lone Lion
20.02.2009, 01:35
I finally found one really funny dub on YouTube and what is best : it is clean ... Hard to find such ones ... OK , here it is :


I hope it will make you laugh :P
If you know other good dub videos feel free to post them .

20.02.2009, 01:45


20.02.2009, 09:09
*lol* Men in tights...It's funny :D a little bit off but still funny.
But... weren't we supposed to post funny Fan-dub videos? Meaning like the example Lone Lion posted?

Anyways... I'd love to see other clean dubs here. Because as Lone Lions aid, they are especially hard to get your paws on.

Lone Lion
20.02.2009, 12:57
I found clean version of Marik's Evil council of Doom from Yu-Gi-Oh , its less powerful than Naruto one , but its funny ...