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The Sonic God
08.03.2009, 20:44
Remember him? A loooong time ago, I wrote a fanfic on The Lion King, whose lead character was "Mukanu," eventually renamed "Shisazen" by Mufasa's mother.

This lion character will become my second fursuit. Derived from The Lion King, and eventually becoming my own unique character, thanks to TaniDaReal and Alkora for the design of Shisazen Mukanu. He will be done most likely before the end of this month, and will debut on the Funday Pawpet Show on April 13th (go to http://pawpet.tv )

I'm excited, actually, finally "becoming" the lions I love so much. :3

The Sonic God
16.05.2009, 16:03
Fursuit head completed. Check out http://community.livejournal.com/mcmascots/

16.05.2009, 16:11
Look very nice so far :)

However, I expected Shizazen to have a different color. As far as I remember, his fur was brown-beige? You know, Tani once drew an avatar for your Shizazen and there the color was a little bit different. So I'm confused right now. But the head looks great none the less :)

BTW: Since your suit has not been finished yet, what happend on the last Pawpet Show on April 13th? You said that would be his debut?

Bus I think it's normal that good things take a lot of time :)

The Sonic God
20.05.2009, 19:52
LatinVixen had to make due with the colours that she had. Not sure why it's a reddish fur, but, we'll see.

She got sick during the time I was down in Florida, so the debut never happened.

The project was delayed by a month. X_X

21.05.2009, 09:07
Ah, I see. That explains a lot of things :)
Well, I hope you'll eventually bring Shisazen to life!

The Sonic God
26.06.2009, 00:13
I have him! Photos to arrive, soon!

09.07.2009, 09:11
Dya have any photos of him yet, TSG?

The Sonic God
03.08.2009, 19:54

Bad news, though... during Anthrocon, on the last day, the jaw tore. @_@

It's been sent in for repairs....

07.08.2009, 14:17
that's unfortunate :( he's really nice looking - did you manage to get any shots of you in action at AC too before the disaster? I saw one of you from someone who had taken shots of the entire fursuit parade but it was only a fleeting glance

The Sonic God
11.08.2009, 18:06
Yes, got a few shots of him, I should upload those images to the internet.