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10.04.2009, 11:22
I want to wish you all a nice "Good Friday" and happy Easter holidays :)

I hope you'll have some time to relax.

10.04.2009, 14:45
Happy Good Friday and Easter to you as well^^

11.04.2009, 15:01
happy easter holidays to all however you may spend it... be it appreciating what the holiday actually signifies, or stuffing your face with chocolate eggs :)

Lone Lion
16.04.2009, 20:56
Ah , the great holiday finally comes . Happy Easter folks ! We celebrate it one week later here . I hope you had great holidays =)

17.04.2009, 10:46
Awww! I could surely do with one more week of vacation ;)

Oh well in this case I hope you'll have a nice week, Lone Lion!

Lone Lion
17.04.2009, 21:47
Thanks ! I'm sure it will be . =)