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26.05.2009, 14:01
What do you think about the series "Digimon" ? "Digimon" is one of my favourite animated series.

My personal season ranking:
1. "Digimon Adventure" (season 1) & "Digimon Data Squad" (season 5)
2. "Digimon Tamers" (sesaon 3)
3. "Digimon Frontier" (sesaon 4)
4. "Digimon Adventure 02" (season 2)

02.06.2009, 14:37
aww man... i love you! lol

digimon's proper legend... and i'm 18 and i'm saying that! lol... my rankings are a tad different to yours though;

adventures 02
adventures 01

did you know that there is a 5th series called savers? i've never got stuck into it but someday i may.

as far as i know they have also released a series 6 in japan, and it;s in the translation process as i type... but i'm your source on that one... i leave it to you weather you trust it or not. but my hopes aren't high... the series have been getting steadily worse.

edit... whoops... i didn't see that you have series 5 at the top of your list... + you called it data squad which me and my mates didn't like lol

02.06.2009, 16:01
Hmm, to be honest, I’ve only seen most of season one, (having missed the first two episodes), and only the odd episode of season two. Oh and the odd movie. So I can’t truthfully say which is my favourite out of the five, but I was really taken with season one. I thought the idea behind it was better than Pokémon, which was at the time fast rising in polarity. I felt Pokémon overshadowed Digimon rather a lot, which is a great shame, since the Pokémon TV show was a load of rubbish. I’d love to get the chance to see the other seasons.

I’ve got the Italian version of the theme on my computer, which is a neat little bit of music, and better in my opinion, than the English version. I believe I’ve also got the Japanese version, too (called ‘Butterfly’, I think), but I’m not sure of that. But it’s a good song all the same. :P

02.06.2009, 20:13
hehe... just go to youtube mate... every single episode of every single series is online there. and as for the songs... i don;t think there are many that i don;t have... a friend of mine mannaged to swindle a deal on ebay for three or four of the soundtrack cds lol

18.12.2009, 17:33
What are your favourite digimons?

This are my favourite digimons:

1. MetalGreymon
2. ShineGreymon Burst Modus
3. WarGrowlmon
4. Guilmon
5. Kyubiimon
6. MirageGaogamon Burst Modus
7. Gatomon
8. Agumon
9. Renamon
10. BurningGreymon
11. KaiserGreymon
12. CandleGarurumon

14.04.2010, 17:54
I love Pokemon but I have never really liked Digimon. In my opinion, I think Pokemon is better than Digimon anyday.

14.04.2010, 20:07
i couldn't give you a top 12 like you, but my number one would be gabumon and everything that came after him.

14.04.2010, 22:32
To josh_down: Why it is not possible that you can give a Top 12?

14.04.2010, 23:29
cause i couldn't place them in order... i could do a list in no particular order;

gabumon (and all digivoloutions)
gomamon (and all digivoloutions... but especialy zudomon)
guardramon (biyomon's ultimate form)
hawkmon (and all digivoloutions... though it's funny how he miraculously changes sex after in-training level)
taomon (renamon's ultimate form... seriously, how is renamon only a rookie?)

they're the best ones i can remember... most of yours come from the 4th and 5th series, but i'm an old-school guy. second series was the best

15.04.2010, 09:12
What do you think about the Digimon Movie?

I like the first und second part of the movie.But I do not like the last part of the movie.The story of the last part is for me unbelievable.

15.04.2010, 11:16
*the* digimon movie? there have been 9!!

though from my memory there was one called "the digimon movie" which was taken from digimon adventures 02 and featured davis and his homies. i honestly cannot remember anything that it was about, nor any of the movies except for that one where they go into the internet to fight diaboramon, which was cool

15.04.2010, 13:20
But in the USA and europe was shown only one digimon movie in the cinema. The Title is "Digimon-The Movie" . :D

The movie was shown in the USA autumn 2000 and later in europe.

Yes it is right that characters of season 1 & 2 appear in this movie.

In the second part of this movie there is a digimon fight in the internet.

15.04.2010, 21:12
no bruv... i swear they were different movies...

the first movie that was shown had slightly different animation stylings, and that one only featured the first 8 kids... that's the one that had the internet fight... i am certain of this because they frequently referenced that specific fight in series 2.

then "digimon the movie" had all of the kids from the first two seasons... all like... 15 of them or something? plus one other random guy i think.

oh yeah! the dude who had two digimon and one of them had become corrupt or something similar. that was ok.

15.04.2010, 22:19
The Wikipedia says that the first three movies were put together to one movie.It means that some scenes are not there.

The problem is that the plot was distort because of the cut low.

The Digimon Terriermon appears in this movie and in season 3 ("Digimon Tamers"). That is really interesting.

Offtopic: What is your opinion about my english in writing?

15.04.2010, 22:56
offtopic-ness - you make quite a few mistakes, but in 100% honesty i always know what you mean. if you'd like me to correct you about things then let me know.

and about the movies, yeah i knew about the first three movies, but was that thing with terriermon one of those? i think not

*checks digipedia*

you were correct! i apologise for all of my previous claims. they were lies... filthy lies

16.06.2010, 22:01
There are some photos where you see the characters of "Digimon Tamer" in RL 8) :D :

11.07.2010, 12:22
haha!!! they couldn't find the necessary hunch-backed midget to play guilmon then? XD

the only alternative would be to get some 8ft tall monster, paint a few more black/yellow markings on the costume and say he was growlmon.

mate of mine has said he's got a job animating the new digimon game. cool?

15.07.2010, 17:57
There is a good news! It will come the sixth season of "Digimon". The name of this season is "Digimon Xros Wars" 8-)

There are some interesting links: http://wikimon.net/Digimon_Xros_Wars



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